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Viswa Lab is committed to serve only fuel users. Viswa Lab has been in existence since 1991. In the course of these years, Viswa Lab has established itself as a 'problem solving lab'. Major shipping companies who use fuel testing services of competitors send all their problem fuels to Viswa Lab for detailed investigation. Viswa Labs simple philosophy is to make a difference in its relationships with its customers and bring value to the relationship through excellence in service and integrity in all its dealings.


Our Services

  • Fuel Analysis
  • Lube Oil Analysis
  • Bunker Quantity Survey
  • Forensic Analysis of Problem Fuels
  • Purifier Efficiency Determinations
  • Total Fuel Management
  • Cylinder Oil Analysis
  • Failure Analysis Studies
  • Ignition & Combustion
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Total Lube Management